THE MODERNS: The eternal present of silent films

THE MODERNS offers a fresh look at silent movies, leaving aside the well-known classics of German Expressionism or Soviet propaganda and giving priority to films that have been revisited or rediscovered over the last few years. Silent movies are currently under review: Cinemathèques, film festivals, and even TV networks, come together in a joint effort to keep alive the great films of yesteryear.

The films you are about to see, each and every one of them, comply with the rigorous quality parameters demanded by the Las Palmas Film Festival: they are works of art. We have focused on the titles that have gone beyond the frontiers of film language, giving priority to the seminal endeavours that gave birth to the cinema of the 21st century
THE MODERNS offers the spectators of the Las Palmas Fim Festival a unique opportunity to experience on the cinema screen a wide selection of silent jewels that will captivate their eyes and ears (they all have wonderful music: listen to it!).